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New Mexico Computer Science for All (NM-CSforAll) is a comprehensive professional development program that prepares high school instructors to be future CS for All facilitators. Our professional development program offers a novel, interdisciplinary approach that uses modeling and simulation as the basis for teaching computer science. This approach has been a very effective path to introducing computer science to both students and facilitators. Facilitators first take an online version of the class (UNM CS390/590) and then implement it as a dual credit course (UNM CS108) for their high school students.

High school students who successfully complete this class receive 1 high school credit and satisfy a NM requirement for high school graduation. 11th and 12th grade students are eligible for UNM dual credit and upon completing the class will receive 3 UNM credits toward the area 3 Physical and Natural Science UNM core requirement.

The 16-week graduate-level, online professional development course, CS390/590 NM Computer Science for All, will be offered this Spring 2018. We currently have funding to pay for 20 facilitators to take CS390/590. During the course facilitators learn computer science and programming skills, investigate real-world problems viewed through the lens of complex systems, and model and analyze these problems using agent-based modeling techniques. Facilitators also learn pedagogy specific to teaching computer science and on encouraging a diverse range of students to succeed in computer science.

There are currently 40 dual-credit NM-CSforAll classes being offered in NM high schools to over 1,000 students. In the development phase of the course, over 75% of students taking the course were from underrepresented groups in STEM and Computing including Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, African Americans, and women!

Applying for the Program

A UNM Non-Degree application is required along with a $10 application fee, to apply visit UNM at

Please note that the tuition for the class will be paid for the first 20 facilitators that apply. Please complete your UNM Non-Degree application and notify Dr. Maureen Psaila-Dombrowski at by 1/12/2017. Please contact Dr. Maureen Psaila-Dombrowski for questions regarding the application process.

After Applying

After completing the course, facilitators are expected to implement the dual credit class (UNM CS108) for high school students during the academic year. The class uses a “flipped” classroom methodology, meaning that the lecture portion of the course will be offered as online videos (to be watched outside of class time), while the lab portion of the class (hands-on exercises and project work) will take place in the classroom, face-to-face. The “lab” sessions will be held during normal class time, with participating facilitators acting as learning coaches.

Comments from Facilitators

"The [UNM CS108] content is not rote; it is not like any other course."

"The course encourages [students] to learn on their own terms; it meets all their technical needs and their modern appetite for learning. All the hands-on activities are appropriate to their levels and the movement within the work holds their attention."

"[UNM CS108] not only increases computer science skills and knowledge, but helps with math and science. It helped my students connect the dots- they can now see the connections."


The creation of this course is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-1240992, the Computer Science Department of the University of New Mexico, and the Santa Fe Institute.

University of New Mexico National Science Foundation Santa Fe Institute

We would also like to thank Hartman Publishing for their generous support.

Hartman Publishing