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Module 4: Boolean Logic

Learning Objective: This week we'll continue our focus on Agent Based Modeling.  The student learns about  "patches" in NetLogo and agent-environment interactions.  We're also going to study the computer science concepts of Boolean logic and conditional statements.

While the coding portion of the module isn't due until the end of the module, it is always best to review the programming challenges and extensions at the beginning of the week, ask questions about them and start coding.

Videos Watch before class

  • Conditional Logic: NetLogo If Statements and Bumper Turtles [16:00] (.mp4)
  • Booleans and Logic [19:06] (.mp4)
  • Conditional Statements [12:10] (.mp4)
  • Patches and Agent-Environment Interactions [15:51] (.mp4)

CS Concepts Review before class

Programming Challenge

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