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Module 6: Variables, Scope and Running Experiments with Computer Models

Learning Objectives: This week the student learns about applying abstraction to modeling and the different types of variables used in NetLogo. Input and output in NetLogo is also covered.

While the coding portion of the module isn't due until the end of the module, it is always best to review the programming challenges and extensions at the beginning of the week, ask questions about them and start coding.


    Learning NetLogo
  • Variables and Scope [9:42] (.mp4)
  • Interface Input in NetLogo [12:27] (.mp4)
  • Interface Output in NetLogo [8:03] (.mp4)
  • Creating Breeds and Shapes in NetLogo [14:20] (.mp4)
  • Creating Turtles in NetLogo [6:02] (.mp4)
    Understanding Concepts
  • Abstraction in Modeling and Simulation [10:10] (.mp4)
  • Designing and Running Experiments in NetLogo [17:04] (.mp4)
  • Population Dynamics and Birth and Death [9:51]] (.mp4)
  • Being Random [20:09] (.mp4)
    Putting it all Together, an Example Complex Adaptive System Model
  • Biology and Computation: An Agent Based Model of Ant Foraging - Melanie Moses [35:53] (.mp4)
      NOTE: Please watch the first 19:04 mins for overall content – NOT details, the remander of the video is optional.

Do Now Questions

Programming Challenge