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Module 11: Final Project (Swarmathon/Networks/Independent Project)

Learning Objective:  For the final project the students form teams and work on modeling projects. The students will pick a problem to model, abstract the problems, develop the model and run experiments on the model they developed. The model may be the provided Swarmathon or networks module or an independent project of your own choosing (choose only 1 of the options).

Intermediate programing steps are due in class as specified by the project you are working on below. The completed program will be turned in as normal (like all previous labs) by 11:59pm on Friday (5/5)

Milestone 1: Introductory Week (10pts)

NOTE: When downloading the .nlogo files, they may download as .nlogo.txt, to use as NetLogo just remove the .txt extension from the file name.

  • --Introduction to Swarmathon, Swarmathon 1 (receive 5pts for attendance) (.pdf)
  •     --Mars Background (.jpg)
  •     --Base Code Swarmathon 1 (.nlogo)
  • *****Swarmathon Rubric (.pdf)******
  • --Introduction to networks, Networks 1 (receive 5pts for attendance) (.pdf)
  • --Independent project proposal (see below for details)

Swarmathon Final Project (70pts)

  • Milestone 2:Complete Swarmathon 2 (10pts) (.pdf)
  •     --Base Code Swarmathon 2 (.nlogo)
  • Milestone 3:Complete Swarmathon 3 (10pts) (.pdf)
  •     --Base Code Swarmathon 3 (.nlogo)
  • Milestone 4:Complete Swarmathon 4 (10pts) (.pdf)
  •     --Base Code Swarmathon 4 (.nlogo)
  •     --Parking Lot Background (.jpg)
  • Milestone 5:Complete Swarmathon 5 (40pts) (.pdf)
  •     --Base Code Swarmathon 5 (.nlogo)

Networks Final Project (70pts)

  • Milestone 2:Complete Networks 2 (10pts) (.pdf)
  • Milestone 3:Complete Networks 3 (10pts) (.pdf)
  •     --Networks3 text file (.txt)
  • Milestone 4:Complete Networks 4 (10pts) (.pdf)
  • Milestone 5:Complete Networks 5 (40pts) (.pdf)

Independent Final Project (70pts)

  • Milestone 2:Independent Project Proposal (10pts) (.pdf)
  •     --Independent Model Suggestions (.pdf)
  • Milestone 3: Refer to your rubric on the requirements (10pts)
  • Milestone 4: Refer to your rubric on the requirements (10pts)
  • Milestone 5: Refer to your rubric on the requirements (40pts)

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